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As a quality and reliable manufacturer and supplier of writing instrument, we were awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for our Quality Management System. By meeting or even exceeding the ISO 9001:2008 stringent standards, we are able to ensure our product quality, performance, productivity and efficiency, and customer satisfaction. ISO certificate clearly reflects our uncompromised commitment to manufacturing and delivering consistent quality and cost effective products and services to our customers.

In addition to a consistent high product quality and management system, we are also emphasized on our products safety by complying with the international safety standards and regulations such as REACH, EN71, ASTM D-4236, Canada standard – hazardous product for toy and Australian/New Zealand physical and mechanical test.

We not only see ourselves as a corporate citizen with obligation to behave in a socially responsible manner but also see employees who make up of the company as a part of its social commitment. Taking good care of safety and health of employees is our essential obligation. We promote safety culture by encouraging trainings, disseminating information and regulations on documents and integrating the policy into overall practice. With our commitment of adopting ICTI code of business focusing on lawful, fair, and safe and healthy work environments, we were awarded ICTI certification in year 2011.

In an effort to protect and minimize the impact to environment and society, we believe that it is our responsibility to strictly comply with local environmental legislation and international requirements. With the adoption of eco-friendly management practices, we achieved ISO 14001:2004 certification. However, it is just a beginning to show our commitment to the environment and we will not be satisfied at this stage. We aim to continuously find ways to further improve our environmental performance by closely monitoring and developing green strategies. For instances, in year 2006 and 2007, we built up Wastewater Treatment Plant and LEV system to ensure that the effluent and air is clean and safe before emission.